11 inch Laptop Lenovo Yoga 700

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Weighing only 2.4 lbs, the Yoga 700 is one of the lightest 11 inch Laptop in the world. The thickness of just 0.62 “makes it a suitable laptop for those who are mobile it’s ultraportable and perfect for doers on the go. The standard battery is strong for up to 7 hours so you can wear it longer without having to charge the battery often.
Special Performance for Work and Play
This device is equipped with an Intel® Core ™ M processor that is ideal for multimode devices that require fast performance with high energy efficiency.

Variant of Windows 10 Home

The use of Windows is the same as other Windows series, but with additional improvements on all sides. The Start button is pinned again with various customizations that you can set yourself. You can also easily connect to various devices such as printers, cameras, and USB devices. Also obtain additional security features that will prevent you from theft and malware threats.


Various Modes of Use Yoga Series

Yoga 700 is a computer with unparalleled versatility. There are 4 usage modes to choose from including Laptop, Stand, Tent, and Tablet modes. The secret lies in its unique design and touch screen that can be rotated up to 360º so you can use any mode that suits your activities.

Solid State Drive Storage Media (SSD)

With SSD, application loading time and data transfer becomes faster. This storage medium is also more resilient when Yoga 700 accidentally fell

11 inch laptop lenovo FHD Screen

The 11 “FHD (1920 x 1080) screen provides a bright view with detailed visual quality for playing games and playing multimedia data. The 10-point multitouch touch-screen technology will bring the best experience in using high-responsivity computers. With this type of IPS screen, Yoga 700 can also present a crisp look with wide viewing angles to watch together ..

Lenovo Yoga 700

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