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nikon d3300 lenses will have APS-C size image sensor, with 24 MP resolution, 11 point autofocus module, and 3-inch folding screen. This camera specification is similar to Nikon D3200.

The big difference is that D3300 will use EXPEED 4 image processor that is faster and better for image processing especially when shooting with high ISO in less light. To support your photography hobby, the Nikon D3300 has been armed with a 24 MP censored lens. And thanks to the lens, this camera is of course very suitable for you who again learn photography.

What’s interesting about this announcement is not from the camera, but the lens. This is because the D3300 does not introduce new innovations, just regular annual updates are routinely done.

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The features that exist are the inheritance of the higher-grade cameras. While the zoom lens is bundled rather unique. Because it can be stored into a shorter when not in use (collapsable). The lens with a mechanism like this is Nikon’s first lenses. Previously, we’ve seen this kind of lens for mirrorless camera systems.

Compared with the old lens, 18-55mm VR, this new lens does look slimmer and shorter. But not very significant. The lens weight is approximately the same that is 200 grams. The entire camera and lens weighs about 750 grams, still including relatively lightweight in the DSLR camera class.

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What concerns me is that the lens user becomes a bit troublesome to shorten and lengthen the lens every time you want to use and store it. Second, what is the quality of this lens above the old one? Increasingly megapixel camera requires a lens with better optical quality so that the images are sharp and defect-free.

The one I’m concerned about is that WiFi and geotagging facilities are not built into the camera like the Nikon D5300, but have to go through additional WU-1a wireless adapters. In addition to announcing the Nikon D3300, Nikon also announced a new fixed lens Nikon AF-S 35mm f / 1.8G Nikkor that can be used for full frame image sensor like Nikon D610 and D800. Lens price dibandrol D599.95.

nikon d3300 with lens kit


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