Ps4 External Hard Drive Capacity 2 Terabytes

ps4 external hard drive 1tb

ps4 external hard drive – Sony announced that their PS4 game console has reached sales of up to more than 60 million pieces. Looking at the considerable PS4 market share and the still high public interest for the console, the PS4 support device manufacturers are racing to create the latest innovations to improve the best PS4 play experience. Seagate is one of the successful manufacturers to create PS4 support devices in the form of external storage media.

ps4 external hard drive 2tb

Before launching an external hard disk for the PS4, Seagate has also launched an external hard disk for Xbox One. But unfortunately the capacity is much different. If the external hard disk for Xbox One yesterday by 8 Terabytes (TB), this time Seagate only create an external hard disk of 2 TB for PS4. Fortunately the internal hard disk capacity of the PS4 device can be upgraded manually, so the 2 TB external hard disk made by Seagate is arguably a backup storage medium and its capacity can meet the needs of users when the internal hard disk is full of games. Moreover Game Hub Game for Xbox One is more expensive that is $ 199.99 or approximately 2.6 million Rupiah, double the Game Driver for PS4.

Seagate Game Driver for black PS4 with aluminum sides that surround it blue in accordance with the standard design of PS4 and PS4 Pro. Seagate Game Driver is equipped with cable in its package which is USB 3.0 cable. This external hard disk does not require an adapter cable to add power. For installation, this external hard disk does not require separate software. Simply connect the hard disk with the PS4 device using the built-in USB 3.0 cable. Your PS4 will automatically recognize your hard disk and start installing it. The process of installing the hard disk takes only about three minutes. Because the hard disk connection using USB 3.0, then you can install games and play games directly from Seagate Game Driver without feeling the difference by playing games on the internal hard disk.

ps4 external hard drive compatible For game


PS4 games now generally have a size of approximately 50 GB, so Seagate Game Driver can accommodate as many as 40 games. The main advantages of Seagate’s Game Driver are portable. So you can bring your Game Driver anywhere. You just plug it into your friend’s PS4 device and log in to your account when the device is recognized. You can immediately play the games stored in the driver with your friends.

Seagate Game This driver is more profitable than manually installing the internal hard disk. This is because before installing the internal hard disk you have to update 4.50 firmware. Additionally upgrading the internal hard disk poses a risk of damaging the device if you misstep. PS4 warranty can also be disallowed if found there is damage due to user negligence when installing internal hard disk.

Seagate Game Driver is a safer and more practical way to increase PS4 storage capacity. Thanks to Seagate Game Driver for PS4 you no longer need to save your game CD because it is stored safely in the hard disk. The market price offered for Seagate Game Driver for PS4 is $ 89.99

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