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Is there really gaming laptops under 500? Are not the average games that are released now require heavy specifications? Notabene need a device that supports so smoothly played alias not jam-jam. Meanwhile, a laptop device that is okay is always synonymous with a very high price. If there is a cheap, how affordable price?

Do not worry, with a capital budget of less than $ 500, you actually can buy a laptop to play cool games, or build a PC assembly with quality qualified. Here is a list of 5 recommended laptops for game play, at a price that will not overload your mind.

List best gaming laptop under 500

the following list of Best cheap gaming laptops that you can buy and make your reference :

Acer Aspire E1-422-65202G50Mn

best gaming laptops under 500

Many people think that Acer brand laptops are often damaged. Is that right? Though the damage of each laptop device is always inevitable especially if frequent misuse and maintenance. Acer laptop this one is guaranteed to be very durable if treated properly. Even for the use of playing games, this laptop proved to be smoothly glorious.

Specs :

Price $430
CPU AMD A6 5200M – 2,0 Ghz
VGA ATI Radeon HD8400
Memory HDD 500 GB
Display 14,1 inc

Samsung NP350V4X-S01ID

good gaming laptops under 500

Not only famous for Android OS and its smartphone lines, Samsung can also issue a qualified laptop with Samsung NP350V4X-S01ID. With a fairly stylish design and specifications that are not less okay, this laptop can be your choice to play games like Dota 2.

Specs :

Price : $485

Cpu : Intel Core i3 2370M – 2,4 Ghz

VGA : ATI Radeon HD7670 1 GB

Memory : HDD 500gb

Ram : 4GB DDR3

Displays : 14 Inch


Lenovo G400s-6481

gaming laptops under 500 i7

Carrying a semi-slim display, Lenovo G400s is a thinner laptop than most non-ultrabook laptops on the market, giving a clean and professional impression. The specifications that he brought with him to play the middle class game with the thunderous Dolby Advanced Audio audio.

Specs :

Price : $470

Cpu : Intel Core i3 3120M – 2,5 Ghz

VGA : GeForce GT720M 2 GB

Memory : HDD 500gb


Displays : 14,1 inc

Lenovo IdeaPad S400-9039

gaming laptops under 500 with nvidia

Lenovo IdeaPad S400-9039 laptop is included in the cheap class that has the specifications okay. IdeaPad S400 can operate fast enough and consume low power so it does not feel the heat on the bottom and handrest when used in the long term. However, Intel HD 3000 graphics make its strength somewhat limited in playing heavy game graphics.

Specs :

Price : $450

CPU : Intel Core i3-2365M – 1,40 Ghz

VGA : Intel HD 3000

Memory : HDD 500 GB


Displays : 14 Inch

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E335-6KA

gaming laptops under 500 best buy

With a slightly smaller body for a cheap gaming laptop under 500 and than the previous brother. ThinkPad Edge E335-6KA has the power to make the price of $470  be quite worth it. Given the smaller size so it is more comfortable to carry anywhere.

Specs :

Price : $470

CPU : AMD E-Series E2-2000 – 1,7 Ghz

VGA : AMD Radeon Graphics HD 7340

Memory : HDD 750 GB


Layar : 13,3 Inch

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