Ps4 Hard Drive Specs Review Before Replacement

ps4 1tb hard drive specs

Ps4 Hard Drive Specs


With confidence, and from a technical point of view, the worst hardware inside the PS4 structure is the Ps4 Hard Drive Specs displayed by the Winchester mechanical drive. Worst in almost every facet that can make it smart. Charles Jefferies, a skilled IT associate of the World Health Organization worked for, tested Winchester PS4 Winchester drives and stated in conclusion that:

If you transfer the official datasheet of HGST Travelstar Z5K500, that is that the drive model that PS4 adopts, you may marvel however HGST states that the drive is designed with SATA III interface, whereas the front label of the PS4 stock Winchester drive says one thing else that it’s SATA II, as you’ll be able to clearly see on the facet image (click to enlarge).

Also, if you investigate it a lot of and do further analysis, you’ll notice that school websites corroborative the SATA II interface of PS4 Winchester drive, like this page.

So, what’s the key behind that?

Actually, the solution is just too simple for everybody World Health Organization often pursue the news of technology and is aware of however hardware makers manage their production.

Simply, the initial version of HGST Travelstar Z5K500 was designed with SATA II, then, later, and for a few reasons, was upgraded with SATA III interface.

Now, what ought to the corporate do with the a lot of the older versions in their stores? merely, supply them for a awfully low worth to a large company that doesn’t care abundant concerning the performance of a tough drive, as long because the storage capability goes with its need. That’s the cut price we tend to assume is going on between HGST and Sony.

You can now feel the first reason why Sony invented the upgrade / replacement method of Winchester PS4 drives that have an ps4 external hard drive specs too simple and versatile, unlike the different game consoles like Xbox and Nintendo. This is just a strong and clear indicator that Sony is telling its users to change that drive with a stronger one, because that’s just not useful.

The same factor precisely Sony has through with PS4 professional and also the 1tb version of PS4. Please scan our article on PS4 professional Winchester drive specs to check however that 1tb Winchester drive conjointly associate degree obsolete version with SATA II interface!

But why did Sony use an inexpensive (low-quality) Winchester drive in its flagship game console within the 1st place?

ps4 default hard drive specs

Well, the solution is kind of easy, and it’s supported many facts, that are:

The priority of giving PS4 at a competitive worth comes 1st, as long because the used Winchester drive will do its job {well enough|tolerably|to a tolerable degree|to associate degree adequate degree} with an adequate performance that the overwhelming majority of users won’t got to complain of. therefore why force consumers to pay more money for one thing they don’t care abundant about?
At the time of launching PS4 (particularly in Nov. 2013), games didn’t would like high-end hardware to run swimmingly, and their file size was comparatively little, and a 500gb Winchester drive with minimal specifications was sufficiently qualified for this mission.
exchange PS4 Winchester drive is very created easy and straightforward, therefore there’s no got to take associate degree extreme position against it. If you don’t love it, simply modification it.

For these reasons Sony didn’t offer huge look after what reasonably Winchester drive PS4 is mistreatment as long because it will what it’s imagined to do.

In just but a year, users began to complain of the too restricted space for storing of PS4 Winchester drive, as game developers were emotional their games in immense file size that may exceed that 50gb limit for one game. And so as to avoid any loss in market share, Sony was forced to unleash associate degree updated version of PS4 that bore the name “1TB final Player Edition PS4“. because the name indicates, it comes with 1tb storage capability.

So, here we’ve got 2 versions of PS4: One that comes with 500gb Winchester drive and also the different with 1tb, and that we can define below the main specifications of every drive.

Speed Ps4 Hard Drive Specs

The speed of the drive movement of the Winchester PS4 is 5400RPM, which is the average speed of a normal computer computer, 2.5 “.It is important to notice that one of the hard drives specs for ps4 is the rotational speed / spindle speed of the mechanical drive. difficult is not the only problem that determines the drive speed in general, because there are different factors, such as information buffer (cache memory), controlling solidity, management power, computer code drivers of devices that manage Winchester drives handle information, classification systems, and more .

So you shouldn’t be shocked if you discover a 5400RPM Winchester drive, like Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD beats a 7200RPM drive, and pc savvies ar cognizant of this truth.

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