Red Dragon Camera Price With SD Module

red dragon camera for sale


Red Dragon Camera Price-The ultra-lightweight carbon fiber and metallic element wont to construct this machined DRAGON brain and mount shave off over one full pound of total weight compared to a typical atomic number 13 EPIC with a metal PL Mount. The built-to-order EPIC-M RED DRAGON (CARBON FIBER) W/ aspect SSD MODULE (CARBON FIBER) AND metallic element LENS MOUNT additionally comes outfitted with red bolts, a DSMC FAN KIT a pair of.0 (TOP/BOTTOM), and ships in a very custom EPIC case with laser-cut foam. The carbon fiber EPIC-M RED DRAGON is hand-assembled by a frenzied team in Calif.. For steadicam, hand-held or specialty rigs, the carbon fiber EPIC-M RED DRAGON is that the final combination of kind issue, weight, and determination.

This product also comes with 2 years original warranty in amazon. the original and also an extended extended warranty EPIC-M RED ARMOR out there. In addition, homeowners of EPIC-M RED DRAGON carbon fiber are entitled to special product offerings and order placement priorities.

NOTE: AC Power adapter is enclosed.

Due to the distinctive nature of this product, further time interval is also needed.

6K RESOLUTION Red Dragon Camera

red dragon camera 6k

Every 6K frame may be a nineteen megapixel RAW image, that is up to 9x a lot of pixels than 1080p HD. the quantity of image detail found in a very 6K image goes on the far side that of 35mm, scrutiny solely to 65mm in image density. this implies a lot of precise VFX plates, reframing flexibility, and fewer aliasing artifacts and moiré. Even once outputting 6K footage to 4K or HD, your pictures are cleaner and crisper compared to those captured at lower resolutions. once it involves resolution, larger is healthier.

16.5+ NATIVE STOPS Red Dragon Camera

red dragon camera 8k

red epic dragon camera price sensors have a native dynamic vary of over sixteen.5+ stops, supplying you with a large advantage in difficult lighting conditions. associate degree improved ratio provides you confidence that your image quality are print and cinema prepared from ISO two hundred to 2000. Fewer filters, fewer IR problems, and fewer noise provides you a lot of opportunities for good exposure


Vibrant colours, power tool skin tones, and improved tonal variations area unit simply a number of of the benefits of the RED DRAGON color science. sensible hues and correct subtleties stand get into each frame, manufacturing RAW pictures that area unit faithful life. successive generation of detector technology needs successive generation of color science.

this red dragon 4k camera price is $60

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