Top 5 Of Most Expensive Laptop In The World

most expensive gaming laptop in the world


Most Expensive Laptop In The World does not guarantee the quality of portable computers. However, many people are curious, what laptop is the most expensive in the world?

this is the 5 Most Expensive Laptop In The World you should know


1. Lenovo ThinkPad W540

This laptop carries Windows 8 professional version and has the best configuration among other Lenovo laptops.

For information, this one device is said to be one of the best for engineering design and 3D editing. Portable computer that has a RAM area of 8GB is priced at US $ 2,300


2. Acer Ferrari 1100

This laptop from Acer is sold on the market for US $ 3,000. With these prices, consumers will get a device with 4GB of RAM plus a fast performance with 2.3GHZ AMD processor. Specifications and price is quite expensive to make this laptop targeting high end users.

3. Alienware 18

The expensive price of US $ 3,600 makes this laptop so the best in the world. Having 32GB of RAM combined with an Intel 7 processor makes it worth the price that expensive.

4. Dell Mobile Precision M6800


This portable computer has the advantage of being waterproof and dust and making it one of the most expensive laptops in the world. With the ability to qualify for CAD and i5 and i7 support, this laptop sells for US $ 3,800.

5. Stealth MacBook Pro by ColorWare

This product is hailed as a laptop with the best display on the market. With stylish design, the portable computer becomes a style icon that shows the high status among laptop users.

In addition to stylish design, this laptop has a RAM area of ​​8GB and highend processors make it released on the market at a price of US $ 6,000.


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