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Interestingly Canon Sl1 Review named the Eos Rebel SL1, Canon’s latest entry level giving is really the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR. consideration simply 370 grams, sans battery, memory card and kit lens, the camera is such as a compact purpose and shoot. However, it clearly encompasses all the great things that square measure usually related to a DSLR and in an exceedingly kind which will simply belie its capabilities. Let’s take a better look.

Main options Canon Sl1 Review

· eighteen megapixel CMOS detector

· DIGIC five image process engine

· Full HD recording

· four FPS continuous shooting speed

· nine AF points with the new developed Hybrid AF II system

· inventive filters

· SDXC compatibility

· Video shot

Features explained: The detector

The Eos SL1 is intended around Associate in Nursing eighteen megapixel APS-C CMOS detector. it’s battery-powered by Canon’s DIGIC five image process engine.

Canon Sl1 Review video

The body style Canon Sl1

In spite of the actual fact that the SL1 is way smaller to any DSLR that has kick off of the Canon line, it astonishinglyoffers a bunch of physical controls. there’s an ardent exposure compensation button, exposure lock button in additionas Associate in Nursing ISO button at the highest panel among others. to avoid wasting precious land area the moving picture mode currently sits because the third possibility on the facility switch. Press that so press the record button at the rear of the camera to start out recording. in addition the alphabetic character possibility now’s unitedwith the SET button at the middle of the rear wheel. The remaining buttons on the wheel has but no dedicated role to play. the highest mode dial currently will spin 360 degrees while not stop even as within the Rebel T5i.

AF system and AF points

The Eos SL1 carries constant previous 9-point Canon AF system with a middle cross-type purpose at f/2.8. Cross-type AF points square measure capable of lockup target a theme quicker compared to a regular AF points. in addition, Canon has incorporated the Hybrid CMOS AF II system during this camera. This combines each contrast-detect and phase-detect AF technologies to boost the auto-focusing performance. this suggests the camera is veryresponsive once following subjects throughout moving picture mode or once shooting stills in live read.

The mounted touch-screen

The 3″ ClearView II alphanumeric display touch-screen is non-articulated creating it alittle of a damper compared to different Canon entry level DSLRs. particularly once Canon is making an attempt to vie with MILCs this may are a significant USP. Overall although, the touch-screen is extremely responsive. if truth be told the electrical phenomenon screen works sort of a charm even once you try to shift through the menu in an exceedingly hurry, giving the distinct feeling that it’s a awfully easy feature. the middle SET button conjointly brings up the unrealalphabetic character (Quick) menu of Canon which unveil the whole controls of the camera at your fingertips.

Canon Sl1 Review vs t5i


The SL1 encompasses a pentamirror battery-powered finder that provides a coverage of ninety fifth of what the detector sees. this is often slightly smaller than what different optical viewfinders supply. This typically creates the matter of inability to form an explicit composition. therefore once composing continuously leave some margin around what you see through the finder as a result of you’ll capture extra things within the final image. there’s a dioptre adjustment dial that permits you to line the brightness between -3 and +1.

Continuous shooting speed

The SL1 encompasses a burst rate of four FPS at one-shot AF or Ai-Servo AF. The buffer overruns in concerningtwenty eight shots as per Canon specifications. whereas this could be okay for shooting a kittenish pet or maybeyour child enjoying a sunny afternoon enter the park, this is often in no approach appropriate for quick action or sports photography pursuits. At four FPS it’s at the best humble. If you set the camera to shoot at silent-mode, oncethe mirror flips up and locks before the shot is taken, burst rate comes right down to a modest a pair of.5 fps.

Pop-up flash

The Eos SL1 comes with a intrinsical flash. Canon rates the guide range at nine.4 meter, that is once more a feeble flash, particularly if you’re about to take a bunch shot in low lightweight conditions. but for portraiture or for fill-flash uses it’s a handy flash to possess.

Proximity detector

An interesting feature that may create most photographers happy is that the proximity detector. it’s settled directly below the hot-shoe at the rear of the camera. It actually helps save lots of battery once you square measurerummaging through the finder.

Remote management

The Eos SL1 is compatible with Canon’s infra-red primarily based remote controller the RC-6. The detector is foundon the proper hand grip space.


The camera is compatible with UHS-1 cards. It conjointly accepts South Dakota, SDHC and SDXC cards. in addition, it’s conjointly eye-fi compatible creating it doable to remotely transfer pictures shot with the camera.

The moving picture mode and Live-view options

In the 2015 The SL1 was launched along side the Rebel T5i and each the cameras boast the Movie-servo feature. What it means? Well, once shooting video the camera is probably going to stay following as a theme walks into or aloof from the frame. In world the feature isn’t that fast and compared with one thing just like the dual-pixel CMOS AF system of the Canon Eos 70D, this is often quite slow.

There is no intrinsical stereo recording just like the Rebel T5i and videographers can have to be compelled to be content solely with a mono mic on the highest left aspect of the hot-shoe. However, you’ll connect Associate in Nursing external stereo mic.

My take Canon Sl1

This is actually alittle DSLR that has been designed with the only purpose of shrinking of all that’s best a couple ofDSLR and to vie directly with Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras that square measure threatening the entry-level DSLR market. Functional, straightforward and value effective square measure what summarizes this camera in an exceedingly shell. whereas professionals can ne’er take one among these, the camera appropriate for somebody World Health Organization is migrating from some extent and shoot and is yearning for similar size however higher controls. This is Canon Sl1 Review .

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