Fish Eye Lense Iphone Reviews

Fish Eye Lense Iphone


Fish Eye Lense Iphone  – When it 1st arrived within the mail, i used to be joyous to undertake out my new contrivance. However, in my excitement, I did not notice you simply achieved the cap of the lenses rather than twisting it off. I accidentally twisted off the optical lens and everything fell apart! All was well, however, and that i was ready to fix it. Note to everybody else though: simply twist off for the macro/wide angle lens.

Something that bothers ME (not very, though) is that the black outlines that typically seem on the sides. Sometimes, I simply crop them out or typically I simply use the sq. choice on my phone. Also, I hate that I even have to require of my phone case so as to use the lens however i do know that there’s very no different thanks to be ready to use it thus i do not mind such a lot. Also, for the macro lens, you’ve got to be very move on order for the camera to focus. That sucks a trifle.

Other than that, i like this for my phone and that i carry it everyplace, simply just in case I bump into a very nice place or factor that i would wish to photograph. it is simple to slip on and additionally to place away. It even comes with a cute very little pouch and fits everywhere!

Fish Eye Lense Iphone 7

Fish Eye Lense Iphone :

Magnification: Up to a hundred and eighty degrees
Includes flat adhesive metal ring that’s fastened round the original lens
Lens Construction: three parts in three teams

Wide Angle:

Magnification: Wide Lens
Lens Construction: two parts in two teams
The motility distance is between 10~23mm


Magnification: Macro Lens
Lens Construction: one component in one cluster
The motility distance is between 10~23mm

Compatible with: Apple iPhone five

Package Contents:

1x Fish Eye/Wide Angle (Marco) Lens Kit
1x Fiber Bag


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Fish Eye Lense Iphone 7 plus Red 180° Fish Eye Lense Iphone

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