Best Camera For Filming Youtube Videos

what is the best camera for filming youtube videos

What camera is Best Camera For Filming Youtube Videos?


First best digital camera for recording youtube videos, only for the sake of debate, let’s set you straight: the Canon 60D and therefore the Canon 550D area unit digital still cameras (DSLRs) not camcorders. They were in the main designed as still-photo cameras with video options”tacked on”. and therefore the European models (which you will find within the UK) area unit de jure restricted in their recording time, to stay them from being taxed with the “camcorder import tariff”. If you simply need to form short takes, and edit things along film-style, DSLRs area unit fine for that; simply do not expect nice audio from them while not Associate in Nursing external (extra-cost) mike.

best video camera for filming youtube videos

The Sony SR12E ( one of best camera for recording videos on youtube), though, is truly a true television camera, however purchased new was truly costlier than the 550D (and most 60D kits). once you will realize an honest used model, they value concerning an equivalent as a 550D. (The Sony is taken into account a interrupted model, now.)

Since you appear to be influenced by what different YouTubers area unit victimization with , you would possibly be stunned to be told that a lot of of the top-viewed (and top-rated) YouTube creators merely use webcams to record their monologs and straightforward skits. Jenna Mourey (“Jenna Marbles”), Hanna Hart (“My Drunk Kitchen”), Felix Kjellberg (“PewDiePie”), Jack Harries (“Jack & Finn”) all use webcams.

Good webcams with auto-focus and good stereo mikes solely value around $80 USD (about fifty quid), and economize by not needing the battery pack, charger/power offer, LCD screen, and storage devices that a television camera or DSLR would need. the pc provides the ability, monitor screen, and video storage for your comes, and permits you to edit directly, since everything is already on your disc drive.

Logitech makes concerning the simplest external webcams out there, and therefore the HD professional digital camera C920 is that the current model (the older QuickCam professional 9000 and HD professional C910 area unit2 standard older models on YouTube). Jenna and Hanna use the iSight cameras inbuilt on their MacBook laptops.

If you actually need a separate, self-contained video camera, then check up on some less-expensive Sony Handycam models, or a number of the Canon Vixia (Legria within the UK) HF-series or their HV-40 camcorders. simply check that you buy a “E” series (European/UK “PAL-TV” format, just like the SR-12E) model, and not a US/Japan “NTSC”’s the specification about the best video camera for filming youtube videos

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