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z wave doorbell camera adt

Since i get my Z Wave Doorbell Camera I actually have been desperate to attach my push to the system. I did plenty of analysis and with the tremendous help from fellow forum member SteveZ (the brains behind this) and therefore the info from this thread, i used to be ready to catch on going. i’d prefer to share my results for anyone else which will have an interest in doing one thing like this.

z wave doorbell with camera

My house is an older AN house and has the first push system in situ (2 wires from button to transformer). I took a z wave doorbell with camera and a relay so it can form the first push work. Terminal N.C. of the relay ar is connected to the external terminal on the Everspring door device, preventing the device constantly being displayed when stumbling in Vera. The steam-powered relays of power apply in the push once the button is pressed. It pushes the extraordinary fast button further when the emphasis is longer. I even have some Hikvision bullet cameras and VeraAlerts running so I created a notification that would send American movies to a camera screen facing the door. Here’s the setup.

– Everspring door and window sensor
– RIB Relay – 10 AMP

I connected the white w/ blue stripe wire and therefore the white w/ yellow stripy wire from the relay to the electrical device terminals, then the solid yellow wire and solid blue wire from the relay to the wire inputs on the Everspring deviceand it worked dead. The Everspring device can show up as tripped in Vera once ironed and activates the alerts notwithstanding however long the button is ironed down.

Update: i made a decision to relocate the relay and therefore the door device to urge it out of the method. It couldn’tslot in the push housing and that i failed to wish to place it within the attic for battery ever-changing functions, therefore I ran some cat5e cable from the push electrical device into the closet into the opposite area. I twisted fourwires (2 pair) along within the cat5e cable to form 2 pairs total, then connected  the opposite finish to fast connects and to the RIB z wave doorbell camera adt Relay.

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