How to Iphone 5 Charger Port Repair

If your iPhone five is not charging any longer, here’s a way to Iphone 5 Charger Port Repair !If your iPhone five is not charging any longer, here’s a way to fix it!If you are having bother charging your iPhone five, it’s potential that either liquid came into contact together with your charge port, or one amongst the pins square measure broken. different symptoms of a foul dock connection will embody iTunes not recognizing your iPhone once it’s blocked into the pc. If you are experiencing any of those symptoms and are not quite able to fork out the money for a brand new iPhone simply however, we will walk you thru a way to repair your iPhone on your own. Follow on for step by step directions on replacement the Lightning dock in your iPhone 5!


Step 1: Power off your iPhone five Before starting any repair kit, forever power your iPhone down fully victimisation the Slide to power off possibility. simple enough right?

Step 2: take away the front screen assembly• To begin, use your security screwdriver to get rid of the 2 screws within the bottom of your iPhone five that sit on either facet of the dock.

• Now place your suction cup higher than the house button and gently pry up from very cheap. pay attention to not pull the complete zone because the high of the screen remains connected by many cables. you simply need to unharness very cheap portion.

• Once the screen is free, swing up the show assembly therefore you’ll be able to get to the shieldthat is holding the cables in situ.

• Using your ##000 screwdriver to get rid of the 3 screws holding the show protect down. Set the protect aside and bear in mind to not false impression the screws.

• Now use your spudger tool to pry up the 3 cables that attach the show to the board. when you are doing therefore, the show ought to be free from the device. As a facet note, you’ll be able to solely see 2 of the cables (as marked within the photograph below) because the third is beneath. Most of the time the third one merely pops au courant its own after you take away the primary 2. you will got to free it however presumably, it will return au courant its own. The second photograph below shows its location on the board for reference.

• Set the device aside once the show is free. Alternate method: If you are having problems propulsion the screen up with a suction cup, you will insert a razor blade on the outer reaches of either screw hold and pry upwards slightly. This technique provides you sufficient clearance to stay your spudger tool beneath and unharness the screen. i like to recommend this technique if your hands are not as steady or you are afraid you will pull too laborious and harm a cable to service.

Step 3: take away the batteryI’ll preface this section by language the plastic battery tabs to tug to unharness them square measure useless. They break off and/or bend the battery. you’ll be able to attempt that technique however I counsel following my directions below instead.

• Start by removing the 2 screws shown within the photograph below. This protect covers the battery connection itself. Use your #000 screwdriver for this.

• Now use your spudger tool so as to softly pry the connection off the board as shown.

• We square measure currently able to take away the battery, that is that the hardest half and should be finished extreme caution on forestall puncturing it or inflicting harm to the logic board. i take advantage of the iSesamo gap tool for battery removal as a result of it’s pliable which suggests that it’s a lot of delicate. you will use the flat finish of a spudger tool if you need however I’ve found them to interrupt off rather simply.

• In order to get rid of the battery, begin at the highest left corner and place your gap tool between the casing and therefore the battery. Gently begin lifting upwards. you ought to hear adhesive begin to crack. currently slowly move your tool the left facet of the batteryand gently pry upwards a trifle at a time. when you ought to hear a lot of adhesive cracking. simply apply pressure equally and move your pry tool when.

• By the time you get to very cheap the adhesive ought to be nearly free, or free enough for you to grab hold of the battery and punctiliously break the remainder and take away it. It is necessary whereas performing arts the steps higher than that you are careful to not puncture or bend the battery. simply take some time and you may get there. do not rush and do not force it.

Step 4: take away the Lightning dock connection assembly• Remove the dock connection protect by removing the one screw holding it in situ. Use your #000 Phillips screwdriver for this.

• Next pry up the cable victimisation your spudger tool. you’ll be able to additionally pry up the spherical connection cable that is found a trifle more down on the logic board and is pictured below.

• Start removing the dock itself by victimisation your #000 Phillips screwdriver to get rid of the seven screws shown below that hold the dock assembly in situ. Be terribly careful to create positive you recognize wherever these screws came from. don’t get them caught up as they’re all totally different shapes and sizes.

• Turn your iPhone five around on the table therefore you’ll be able to gently wedge the flat finish of your spudger tool between the earphone jack and rear casing. terribly fastidiously pry up till it starts to loosen.

• Now do identical issue underneath the Lightning dock however observe of cables running beneath it therefore you do not tear them.

• Keep operating your means round the bottom till you get to the half underneath the loud speaker assembly. Here pry in between the cable and loud speaker instead. pay attention to not flex the logic board in any means.

• You ought to currently be ready to slide the loud speaker assembly out from beneath the logic board. fastidiously set it to the left because it remains connected. don’t decide to tear it off.

• Now target removing the remainder of the Lightning dock cable from the rear of the rear casing, once more being aware of the logic board’s position.

• The dock assembly ought to currently be free from the rear casing. simply pay attention to not rip any cables or wires which will still be hanging on by bits of glue and adhesive. take care to interrupt them initial.

Step 5: Separate the loud speaker assembly from the dock assembly

• The loud speaker assembly is connected to the dock assembly by one cable. the sole issue connecting it’s a little of adhesive. Use your spudger tool to separate the speaker from the dock at the purpose shown within the photograph below.

• Now place the loud speaker assembly on the new dock connection assembly. pay attention to concentrate to the orientation of the contact purpose therefore you recognize you are golf shot it on properly.

Step 6: Replace the dock connection assembly

• Before commencing to replace the dock assembly, observe of the four silver rings that sit round the screw threads within the back casing. they’ll have affected or gotten settled throughout dismantlement. If they need gotten shuffled concerning, fastidiously place them back round the four screw threads before continued.

• Next take care to transfer any rubber gaskets which will not return on your new dock assembly. for example, the mic features a seal over it that you will got to realize of the previous dock connection and place on the new one.

• The best place to start out replacement the dock connection assembly is with the Lightning dock itself. Since it’s within the center, it makes for a pleasant thanks to assure everything is lined up utterly. plow ahead and use your #000 Phillips screwdriver to interchange 3 of the screws that hold the Lightning dock in situ . do not replace very cheap right screwjust however as you’ll have to secure the bracket on the dock beneath it once you’ve got arranged  down the remainder of the dock.

• Now plow ahead and secure the left facet of the dock assembly and therefore the right. Again, be terribly aware of the logic board and take care to not nick it or break it whereas slippy the cable and loud speaker corner beneath it.

• Once you’ve got gotten everything lined up, plow ahead and replace all the remainder of the screws you ab initio removed. If one amongst them does not need to travel in, do not force it. Instead take care that everything is lined up properly and re-evaluate your positioning before moving on. plow ahead and plug a Lightning cable in to take care your dock placement is correct. If a cable does not need to travel in, you would like to re-position and take a look at once more.

• Now reconnect the spherical connection at very cheap of the logic board.

• Lastly, reconnect the dock connection cable and replace the protect together with your #000 Phillips screwdriver. Step 7: Replace the battery• Carefully lay the battery back off into place. Press firmly so as to cause the adhesive to grab hold of the rear casing once more.

• Reconnect the battery connection by fastidiously lining it up and pressing firmly together with your finger.• Reposition the battery protect and use your #000 screwdriver to interchange the 2 screws.Step 8: Reconnect the show assembly

• Re-attach the 3 cables for the show back to the board of your iPhone five.

• Carefully re-position the show protect over the cables once you are positive they’re secure.

• Replace the 3 screws you removed antecedently victimisation your ##000 screwdriver. generally the highest right screw isn’t attractable and should be a trifle difficult to urge back in. I ordinarily guide it in with my finger and so use the screwdriver. Makes for a neater job.

• Now snap the show back off and into place. take care to line up the grooves within the high of the screen within the frame. If you’re facing resistance, don’t force the show down. confirm everything is lined up properly which the clips within the high square measure aligned properly. Then attempt gently pressing down once more.

• Replace the 2 screws that sit on either facet of the Lightning dock victimisation your security screwdriver.

Step 9: take a look at the new dock assembly Now that your iPhone five is totally assembled once more, it’s safe to power it back on.

Once it boots keep a copy, connect it to a wall charger to create positive it charges okay. Do identical during a laptop to create positive iTunes acknowledges your iPhone five. I additionally advocate ensuring that once your iPhone five is blocked in, it’s not obtaining any hotter than it ordinarily will throughout charging.

If it does, it might be a faulty dock and you ought to request a replacement from the provider forthwith.If you run into issues, take care to envision out our iMore mod forums for answers to usually asked queries. If you continue to cannot notice what you are looking for or simply have suggestions on different guides, be happy to email Pine Tree State directly!


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