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For those who want to buy a Sony PlayStation 4, let alone who has not understood this one console game, it’s good to read the various questions about How Much Is A Used Ps4 is most often asked.


Q: what type of ps4 series is that?
A: now there are 100x, 110x, & 120x

Q: What’s the difference with what ps4 series is going for?

A: -for 1000 series and 1100 hdd cover type gloosy if 1200 type dope (matte),
– on the power & eject buttons are 1200 more prominent
– from the latest series power consumption is certainly more economical plaing efficient series 1200
– from a slightly cooler temperature in the 1100 series of 1200 to 1200 compared to 1000, although in the 1200 series many who say warmer does not mean vulnerable overheat even thin difference with 1100 different 2-3 degrees

Q: what need ps4 use travo stepdown or stabilizer if machine need voltage 110 volt or 220 volt
A: PS4 already supports multi volt AC current with voltage around 100-240 volts same as ps3

Q: What can be upgraded HDDnya even change to SSD?
A: Can kok bro PS4 can upgrade hdd with big capacity or to type SSD as well

Q: What ps4 can still be done on the tube screen / tv fat?
A: must use hdmi converter to rca tp image results nga maximum

Q: Can I play 2nd / second game?
A: it can be the same with the ps3 so do not worry

Q: if you want to flash speakers from PS4?
A: can plug the audio cable into the stick
– use optical cable for wearing hometheater
– use monitor / tv that already have audio jack port

Q: no ps4 series entered here already including which regional warranty?
A: PS4 entering regional warranty is series CUH-1006A, CUH-1106, and CUH -1206

Q: no series of machines that support SEA regional warranty and official indo what mas gan?
A: serial no ps4 1006 or check box there is symbol 3 region same as in box bd game even though its machine from hongkong origin no model ps4 1006 support also warranty sea / regional warranty

Q: PS4 can access online?
A: PS4 can access online for browser, access PSN, if want maen multiplayer then have to subscribe PS +

Q: What accessories are available now
A: which already available is ps camera, stick DS 4, vertical stand, and charger stand, etc ..

Q: oh yah gan ente kan say there is aux port it’s useful for what gan
A: the aux port is for ps camera ps4 bro plugs

Q: What is a ps camera and its purpose?
A: ps camera is one of the obligatory accessories that its usefulness is the same as kinect in xbox that is: to know user via stick ds4, can video call same friend, can log in by knowing user face, can be commanded using voice,

Q: Can you watch Blu-ray movies and DVD on PS4?
A: You can update your updated firmware first and enjoy watching movie content

Q: PS4 region lock guns for games?
A: free game ps4 region so can buy games from region where aja

Q: Can you plow the PS4?
A: new releases already say can be pirated aja long times gan level of security is higher than ps3

Q: If want to play online game, multiplayer how gan?
A: Must be required to subscribe to PS +

Q: What is PS + gan?
A: PS + is a paid subscription from sony that can be accessed through the PS4 console. Through ps plus can enjoy various extra facilities

Q: What patch can be downloaded automatically?
A: yes all PS4 can run automatic download and install game patches into PS4, for PS + customer this feature can turn on automatically without needing to be informed first

Q: What is a playstation app? can already be downloaded?
A: Playstation app is an app that can make your iphone, android, ipad, and tablet the second screen & your mobile playstation device so that you can access the features and content contained in your ps4 & ps

Q: The ps4 can not play remote with Ps Vita?
A: yes it can be ps4 compatible with ps vita for remote play so we can play games from ps4 switch to ps vita as long as the game is programmed / compatible and can be connected via wifi on local area network (LAN)

Q: PS4 can play PS3 games, ps2 are usually guns
A: PS4 basically nga support Backward comp play tp skrg ps3 can play via ps now (need connection) and ps2 stay buy via digital

Q: Is there any way of using PS4 for user
A: already available online again this manual link

Q: if let’s say the power in the house voltage is not stable up and down what ane have to use stabilizer even UPS though if likes to die light?
A: yes this is for anticipation let ps4 nothing happen and stay healthy walafiat better prevent than cure it

Q: if play game pake PS4 it live enter cd game aja trus directly play what should be installed first?
A: ps4 games must be installed dlu ampe installing process is finished just play tp installnya process ga take a long time

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