3 Games Like The Simpsons Hit And Run Ps4

The Simpsons Hit And Run Ps4 is an Action-Action, Open World, Driving, Single and Multiplayer game developed by Radical Entertainment for various platforms. This game offers a gameplay similar to the Grand Theft Auto series and based on an American animated series known as The Simpsons.

It’s happening in the amazing world of Springfield, and the story centers on the Simpson family who are eyewitnesses to strange events including mysterious vans, security cameras, crop circles and more. As the family tries to uncover the secrets behind the mystery, they discover many surprising facts and soon realize all the incidents that occur in their city are part of a massive alien invasion. In the simpsons hit and run for ps4 Game offers an open world environment and introduces various characters such as Marge, Homer, Apu, Lisa and others.

Choose your character and start exploring the world from a third-person perspective like the GTA series. Your character is capable of running, walking, jumping, and can perform three different attacks like jumping kicks, normal kicks, and great movements. You can manipulate the world either by foot or by vehicle. Complete a series of goals and missions to prevent alien attacks and save your world to become heroes. With improved mechanics, addictive gameplay, and great stories, the simpsons hit n run ps4 is the best game to play and enjoy.

1 Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is an Action-Adventure video game, RPG, Stealth and Third-person Shooter created by Ubisoft. This incredible game takes you to an alternative reality and gives you the right to the fictional place of the United States where you act as a judge named Aiden Pierce. Watch Dogs your duty to act …

2 Prototype

Prototype is an Action-Adventure video game, RPG, Stealth and Third-person Shooter by Activision. The game offers the Open World Environment, and is set up in Manhattan, USA. The prototype follows the character of Amnesia Shapeshifter and strongly named after Alex Mercer, who is determined to fight Blacklight, a …


GTA or also known as Grand Theft Auto is a series of games Fishing Adrenaline Action-Adventure and Open World. Developed and published by Rockstar Games, GTA offers a variety of gameplay throughout the series and describes the environment based on fictitious locations in the Land of America. Locations include Liberty City, …


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