How To Wireless Backup Camera Installation

How to Wireless Backup Camera Installation module:

  1. Take out your stock vehicle plate light-weight at the rear of your automotive.
  2. Fix the camera to wherever the stock vehicle plate light-weight is.
  3. Connect the black wire(GND-) and red wire(DC +12V) to your automotive inherent vehicle plate light-weight to urge power for camera.
  4. Connect wireless module (transmitter) to your camera via the 2 RCA cables (one plug for Av output and one plug for power).
  5. Connect the wireless module (transmitter) to the reverse light-weight of your automotive to urge the ability – red wire for positive and black wire for negative
  6. Connect yellow plug of the wireless module (receiver) to your automotive monitor/stereo VIA camera input.
  7. Connect wireless module (receiver) to your automobile battery or lighter (or reverse/gear wire) to urge power – red wire for positive and black wire for negative.
  8. After complete installation, you may see reverse image once your automotive is in reverse shift.

Please check follow photo of how to connect camera and wireless module, just for your reference.


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