Nano Drones With Camera And Gps Support 15 Mega Pixel !!



In general, there are three groupings Drones With Camera And Gps ie professional drones for the filmmakers, standart drones for hobbyists, and nano drones for beginners and even children.
As the name implies, the nano drone is indeed very small. Average of palm of the hand only. The price is also quite cheap, naturally because this small drone ability is very limited.
But you do not get me wrong! A nano drone named ONAGOfly dare to be different from other nano drones.
Drones developed by a company from the United States has a very sophisticated specifications. Not even owned by a larger drone. What are the greatness of this ONAGOfly?

When the average drone vendor “enforces” its users to purchase additional cameras such as cam action, ONAGOfly has been installed by a quality camera that is qualified.
It says this tiny drone has a built-in camera of 15MP for photos. Video quality is at 1080p resolution with frame rate of 30fps. It can already be categorized as a good quality camera, but if it “enters” in a small physical drone, it’s as advanced as Drones With Camera And Gps!
ONAGOfly uses camera technology from Sony which is known as an international electronic manufacturer. Even the camera that owned this tiny drone can be juxtaposed with the camera on the iPhone 6s.
Sophisticated! Nano Drone is Equipped with 15MP Camera and GPS

It does not stop there, the camera is ONAGOfly implanted with sensors that can detect a smile.
Weighing only 140 grams, ONAGOfly still able to fly stable and provide video results that are not rocking. Superb is not the Nano Drones With Camera And Gps?
The “Small” with GPS

Usually GPS systems are only owned by relatively large drones. But this “law” is refuted by ONAGOfly. It already has a GPS system that can connect with a smartphone.
This GPS allows the user to know the position of the drone through a smartphone. It also can do tracking or follow where the wearer moves. You do not fear losing ONAGOfly because it can fly back to its owner as long as GPS is still active.
With the presence of WiFi, First Person View mode can also be done using your smartphone.
More Than Just a Nano Drone

In his campaign at Indiegogo, ONAGOfly can already be ordered. The cheapest price is the early bird version with $ 199. This price is 33% cheaper than the retail version later.
They target ONAGOfly shipments to start in March 2016 and then the nano drones will be marketed worldwide.
Visit ONAGOfly website to view details or place an order.

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