The Best Weather App For Android

List Of The Best Weather App For Android Featured and Sophisticated. Country Indonesia has 2 seasons namely the rainy season and dry season. But it turns out the two seasons are uncertain at all. Suli sure how many months the rainy season and how many months the dry season. What is certain in June is still the rainy season.

Many people are often not so concerned with Weather forecast, even though the weather forecast is not from a shaman or a Paranormal. Melainka statistic from BMKG which surely know better Weather and wind movement by using Satellite technology. The development of sophisticated technology such as The Best Weather App For Android certainly can facilitate humans in performing daily activities, even can see the weather, be it rain, heat, snow, or spring. With the help of Android technology, now the user in install Weather apps (Weather) are free and at no cost, it just takes an internet connection to update weather forecasts, whether international or national. When you go to the office, at least you can know whether it will rain this day or not. You can prepare Raincoat, umbrella, or Mantel.


The Google Play Store provides a wide selection of Weather / Weather apps that can be downloaded for free. There are also equipped with widgets and clocks. For more details, see some options on The Best Weather App For Android below.

1. AccuWeather

The first Weather app I can recommend is called AccuWeather from As a leading company, this application can provide weather data on the location we want accurately. Every day, more than 1.5 million people android users around the world rely on this application to know the weather forecast that will be experienced. This application provides more than 100 languages ​​in the world and will continue to grow.
Accu Weather – Android Weather App
The team from AccuWeather works closely with private weather sources and government authorities directly. In addition to viewing weather conditions, users can also see news about weather news in other hemisphere. When the AccuWeather app is active, everything will be integrated directly with the GPS feature to be able to provide accurate and accurate weather forecasts for your location. Interested in trying, free download through the Google Play Store

2. Weather 360: Weather Forecast

Weather 360 is a free Android app developed by 6thSolution that can provide real-time weather forecast hourly or 10 days. Not only weather news, you can also see information about temperature, weather conditions, minimum and maximum temperature, wind speed, rainfall and humidity. This app works with the world’s most accurate source of weather sources such as Wunderground, and world weather.
You do not have to open the app to view weather forecasts, because this App provides weather and Clock Widget features with interesting (cool) themes (views). Only with a direct interface to your Home Screen screen can directly see the current weather forecast. In addition, coupled with a small icon pictorial lay on the Notification bar which certainly makes it easier for android users see the weather forecast that is happening. Interested in trying, download Free through the Google Play Store.

3. Weather

As the name implies, this app is made to view weather forecasts that are happening right now. Application made from MacroPinch able to provide information about the weather for one hour once and once a week. With just one click, all weather information will be visible. There is a moving animation on the notification bar that indicates the weather you are experiencing later, be it rain, heat, snow, spring, or others.
Weather application supports geo-position feature, which means able to detect your android phone kebaradaan and will provide weather information in accordance with the position of the phone. The Weather app is also the lightest app on the Google Play Store, and certainly will not burden your android phone.

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