Best Of 3 Battery Saver For Android Mobile

This post will be discussed about the application Battery Saver For Android Mobile is good enough to be used as one of the power regulator for mobile or tablet. In principle, these applications will work by adjusting the memory, screen brightness, data usage as well as the process in the background of the application, and set up an internet connection that requires the greatest battery power. Expected in such a way, then the use of batteries will be more minimalist.

The use of smartphones in a long time will automatically make the need for more battery power. Of course no problem when using a battery sized above 3000 mah, but for smrtphone users with batteries under 2000 mah, would require Battery Saver For Android Mobile application to optimize smartphone. There are many options from this type of application. If not careful, there are applications that just add to wasteful battery rather than save it. Here are a few apps to choose from. What are they?

1. Avast Battery Saver

One of the famous anti virus developers in the world that is Avast, come membut Android battery penghemat application that is named Avast Battery Saver. The way the performance of this application is unique, that is by automatically turning off wifi when there is no wifi signal nearby, besides this apalikasi also in limit the internet connection when enter lock screen with setting 5, 10, 15, or 30 minute once according to profile configuration used. This application also features emergency mode when the battery will run out, and will automatically turn off the function so that users can still communicate, and turn off the data connection, wifi, bluetooth, and gps.

User interface Avast Battery Saver is quite interesting, looks simple but easy to use both the layman though. As one of the latest Android battery-saving apps today, Avast Battery Saver is the best, and up to now there are 11 ribuah people who express satisfaction with the application. To try it please visit google play store on your smartphone, and feel yourself greatness Avast Baterry Sver.

2.Battery Save Booster

Battery Save Booster is an Android battery saver application with minimalist and “friendly” look for a novice user. Developer that is CrazyRobot promising battery life 5-fold when using this application. The features provided are also quite complete and should be one of the best battery saver applications at this time, these features can we aktivikat as homescreen widgets that display battery temperature, voltage size, and battery condition.

The workings of this application is almost the same as other battery-saving applications, namely by setting the data connection and wifi connection to improve battery life. Settings are also quite easy to understand so that Android smartphone users will be safe to use this application optimally. To try it out, please visit the Google Play Store with the keyword “Battery Save Booster”, and feel yourself the greatness of the app.

3. DU Battery Saver

Furthermore, Android battery saver application with additional interesting widgets is DU Battery Saver & Widgets. The “plus widgets” frills behind the name of this app are the advantages of this app which are then much also emulated by other battery-saving apps. The design looks quite interesting too, When done charging process, information about the status of the charging is also stated with a neat and informative.

There are three main phases of quick charging, normal charging and trickling charging. These three phases are then commonly used other applications. Basically this application helps to make charging arrangements better. The battery will be maximized in a short time while keeping the input in order to avoid battery damage. This app widget can be added easily on the home screen. There is a one-touch button that will optimize memory performance and increase backup power. Quite interesting and this is one of my favorites regarding Battery Saver For Android Mobile

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