Top 3 Hot Games For Ps4

Hot Games For Ps4 – The console war between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo does not seem to be finished in a matter of years. In fact the three companies that always make gamers confused to choose which console is most suitable for them.

Nevertheless lovers of Xbox One and Nintendo Switch may have to admit if the PS4 has managed to become the best-selling console so far and has been Hot Games For Ps4. Based on Business Consider reports Sony’s console output is successfully sold as much as 63.3 million units as of June 30, 2017 worldwide.

Well, for example Kawan Muda again think to buy PS4, the following love you 3 Hot Games For Ps4 worth a try on the console that already nelurin the three genarasi. JSYK, the majority of games are just exclusive releases on PS4!

Resident Evil 7

Released early in 2017, “Resident Evil 7” really deserves you to play on PS4. With the first-person game format, the visuals clearly make you the game’s main jiper. If want more greget, try aja play “RE7” pake PlayStation VR device. It became one of the zombie version of Hot Games For Ps4


Professional gamers like Nixia aja addicted to play “Overwatch.” Minusnya this game just one, which must play online. But with online multiplayer fiture, this game is definitely a new trend in pop culture. Do not believe? The proof of competition “Overwatch” in Indonesia already more and more right.


Uncharted 4

Harus diakui kalo alur cerita semua seri “Uncharted” gak ada yang ngecewain. Keberhasilan terbaik game ini jelas ada di “Uncharted 4” yang dirilis eksklusif di PS4. Salah satu paling keren, yaitu visualnya yang detil dan jernih banget. Ntap Djiwa!



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