Tested 3 Best Car Games For Ps4

Car Games For Ps4 – Car Racing, one of the most popular automotive sports around the world. Only people who have great guts, talents qualified, and a stubborn struggle capable of being a reliable and famous racer.

Of course many of us are dreaming of being a tough driver who conquers opponents and streets. But honestly, a difficult dream is not it?

Well, most likely to treat your wishes, you can try out car racing games and become a champion of car racing in cyberspace.

In the development of game consoles today many games that show the game so exactly as reality. The game console as it is the best currently clear is the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 is forecasted to be the successor of the previous PlayStation series. And sure enough, PlayStation 4 sales up to November of 2015 break through 30.2 million beat rivals like Xbox and Nintendo.

The success was supported by a number of PlayStation 4 advantages such as high specification and game controller that more modern and sophisticated.

Sony designed the PlayStation 4 using 8-core CPU processor X86-64 AMD, with APU technology technology plus GDDR5 memory and 8GB of memory and internal hard drive.

For graphic affairs, the PlayStation 4 has a graphics processor capable of processing 1,843 teraflops, the fastest in its generation.

With such specifications, the PlayStation 4 will realize your dream of becoming a world champion of a racing car almost like a reality. Well, roughly Car Games For Ps4 what’s the best, here’s his review.


  1. Project Cars

Project Cars is the closest and most endearing racing game supported by captivating graphics and technically it may be worth mentioning the best racing game ever.

In Project Cars racing games, there are 67 race cars and more than 52 racecourses. This game from the graphics of the image is more simulated driving a car, but the game of car racing fun is also so real. For me this is the best Car Games For Ps4


2. Grip

Unlike other similar games, this is a game that is ready to bring players into the world of extreme racing. Grip lifts a futuristic theme that brings various racing cars with future designs.

Not just the car, the racecourse of this game is also made with the imagination of the future. The racecourse is not limited to the lane of the car, it can be on the edge and above the racecourse, or even fly through the mountain pass.


In addition to spurring speed, players will also fight with other cars using weapons. The weapon can also be present through some power-ups are present.

It reminds us of the classic PlayStation Crash Team Racing game from Naughty Dog. Only, the feel of racing this time more real and harder.

3.Need for Speed: Rivals

Continuing many successful series from Need for Speed, the game released for the PlayStation 4 brings the most exciting racing experience.

Need for Speed: Rivals looks to have a challenging gameplay with some resemblance to the Need for Speed series: Hot Pursuit that brings in exotic cars and thrills romp with police.

Graphic display no doubt with gush Frosbite 3 is already known as the best game engine for Next Gen console. Open world wide with visible environmental details.

The display is more realistic, and sometimes seen the reflection effect on the body of the car that reflects light from the hood. In addition, the dust and smoke of vehicles that decorate the game further add to the realistic Need for Speed: Rivals.


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