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The background of the Zombie Games For Ps4 story is told exclusively on the Lost in Nightmares mission, which is a prequel to the main story. This mission is provided by the developers as DLC and is only available in the Gold Edition version.

Raid at Spencer Estate: In 2006, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield were ordered by the BSAA at EU Headquarters to capture the founder of Umbrella Corporation, Oswell E. Spencer. they accepted this mission in the hope that they could reveal the true truth about Albert Wesker’s involvement in previous T-virus deployment cases. Then how the main story of Resident Evil 5 Top Zombie Games For Ps4 this? Check out the following review.

Main Stories

Resident Evil 5 is set in the kijuju area of ​​Africa in 2009 or six years after the destruction of Umberela Corp. and 11 years after the destruction of Raccoon City.

Chris Redfield was sent to investigate the Bio Organic weapon or B.O.W. which is likely to have been smuggled in Africa there.

Upon arriving at Kijuju “in the Zone safe area”, Chris meets his partner, Sheva who is a member of the BSAA stationed in West Africa.

Together, these two men tried to meet the BSAA “Alpha Team”, who was on a mission to intercept the B.O.W smackers one of Alva’s team named Ricard Irving.

However, the situation quickly became chaotic, because there Chris and Sheva aka attacked by various enemies of plaga class like majini, so the trip becomes more tense.
after a few hours of their final journey, Chris da Sheva finds Captain DeChant, the only remaining member of Team Alpha.

By then DeChant had been deeply hurt, even though under such conditions the captain could still warn them both about the betrayal that Irving was doing while giving them both a file.

Moments later, Chirs and his part of Sheva were confronted by a strange and dangerous creature, apparently the creature made of worms like a leech.

After that they went on their way, Chris and Sheva also had time to send the new data they had gained to be informed to the center via HQ, soon after that Chris met with BSAA Team Delta in West Africa.

Captain Josh Stone, as the leader of Tim Delta, gave Chris a memory card containing a variety of images from research material.

Among these are Jill Valentine who is Chris’s partner who should have died from falling from a height. Chris and Sheva are still on their quest for Irving, and for the moment Chris has been determined to discover the truth about the real Jill.

Chris reveals his past when he was with Jill Iserta how he died.
Jill’s Death: In 2006, Chris and Jill worked together to track down Albert Wesker. They are trying to get information from former President Umberela, Oswell Spenser E. By the time they arrive at the scene, it turns out Wesker has killed Spencer, therefore there is no other choice of jam to take him on.

Chris and Jill are a very harmonious couple in the fight, when Wesker is ready to vinze to kill Chris. Jill sacrificed herself to save Chris, by making Wesker fall with her through a window near Chris.

But no BSAA member found his body, so BSAA was forced to assume that both had died in the fall.

Chris and Sheva then face Irving, and at that moment Chris also sees a mysterious cloaked woman, trying to escape.

BSAA quickly chased Irving’s already far-flung boat.

Later on when Chris was facing Irving he had already acquired the dominant Plaga species which then injected the plaque into him through a mysteriously-cloaked female intermediary. After irving’s defeat at the hands of Chris and Sheva, the dying Irving said “Excella Gionne”.

As they continue their research journey, Chris searches for information through a computer that is there to find out where Jill really is.

After Scane passes They are faced with a big boss of B.O.W. named U-8.
After arriving at the new place, Excella Gionne appears and says something about Jill’s whereabouts, after which they continue their mission.

When Chris and Sheva face Excella again, they are confronted by a woman in black robes, who had previously been with Irving.

A surprising event has made Chris anxious and unable to speak, when Wesker reveals that the cloaked woman is Jill.

Chris tries to ask Jill about the reason why he’s with Wesker, but Jill unexpectedly immediately attacks Chris with his skills in a weaponless or empty-handed grip.

At that time Wesker was so arrogant that he claimed he could spare seven minutes to beat Chris and Sheva, but in the end he left Jill alone to deal with them both.

Chris then hides out and summons Jill out, when faced with Jill Chris doing her best to keep the P30 in use to control her thoughts. Wesker then activate the device P30, with the activation of the device was causing Jill to feel pain very extraordinary.

Jill attacks Chris again and again, at which time Chris and Sheva work together to pick up the P30 device from Jill’s chest that manages his thoughts.

Chris then cradles Jill exhausted and eventually they both manage to unleash the device, after the fight is over Jill apologizes to Chris and Sheva, and reveals that it is actually not his will.

Jill Dismisses herself, and tells Chris that they immediately leave her alone to get her out of here to stop Wesker.

Chris initially refused, and was reluctant to leave, but when Jill asked “do not you trust your partner?”, After which Chris agrees.

As they went through the elevator, Jill finally said: “we just hope to survive.”
Chris and Sheva successfully boarded the Wesker ship and soon found Excella. When Excella will run away, Wesker drops the chemical virus or Uroboros. After Scane passes Wesker away, Chris and Sheva see that now Excella is dying.

Wesker then voiced through the loudspeaker, and casually said that Excella was not in need.

Simultaneously, Uroboros exploded from within the body of Excella, then killed and ate the bodies around him.

Afterwards they learn that Wesker plans to spread Uroboros around the world with bomber. Jill then calls and tells them Wesker’s weaknesses: regular dose of serum called PG67A / W.

In other words if Wesker excess or Overdose for using the srum then its super ability will not last long or will weaken it, then Sheva realize that when they meet with Excella, the woman dropped serum PG67A.

After exhausting after Albert Wesker in the African desert, Chris and Sheva are now in a Wesker bomber hunter who has mugged a plane with the Uroburos virus inside a missile to infect most of the Earth.

After his resistance with Wesker in vain with conventional tactics, Chris was reminded to inject PG67A serum into Wesker’s body.

It aims to weaken it, allowing Chris and Sheva to beat him in the area, because Wesker has overdosed with the serum he has created, Wesker was forced to flee on a Jet plane, but the BSAA team was able to chase him.

He revealed that the bomber is driving to the ideal height to spread the global uroboros virus.

Knowing that, Chris immediately opened the door out of the airlock so that the plane crashed to the ground with Wesker, but it turned out that Wesker was holding onto Sheva’s legs to keep them both in danger.

Remembered by the memory that made him lose Jill, Chris jumped forward and grabbed her hand Sheva, after which Chris held the two men with his muscular arms, then Sheva took the gun and then pointed it at Wesker’s face and the two … Wesker fell into a steady- active, the plane also hit the same volcano after Wesker fell into the crater

Two BSAA agents were shocked to find that Wesker had not been battered by the events.
Wesker then behave very arrogantly in this scane, he plunges into the ground and puts his right arm into Uroboros’s intact missile, and soon after this incident Wesker becomes a more horrible moster than before.

Chris and Sheva are very overwhelmed against Uroboros that has been attached to the body Wesker, after several shocks caused by Wesker Volcano was up and down, causing the ground cracked and melted, so Wesker fell into the magic magma.

Josh, came by BSAA helicopter, along with Jill Valentine, then he threw the stairs at them. Chris and Sheva barely escaped when the ground on which her footing began to crumble.

It turned out that Wesker was still alive and tied his tentacle toward the helicopter, so the helicopter could not move, at the same time Jill suggested that they both take the rocket launcher to finish him off, and finally they succeed .. and can go home safely ..

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