What’s The Best Camera To Buy

What’s The Best Camera To Buy? This is a DSLR Camera, DSLR Camera is a device that can always conquer the challenge of shooting object images from any side, both in terms of image quality and image capture speed. This advanced camera also lets you change lenses to meet different photographic needs.

Even DSRL gives users the ability to control manual exposure manually needed for an experienced photographer. Therefore, the best image quality seekers in digital cameras will not hesitate to spend deeply in order to take advantage of DSLR camera services.

Manufacturers themselves are slowly leaving their compact camera units out of the market. This strategy is done to break away from the smartphone camera market and focus on DSLR cameras. And if you are currently looking for the best image quality, here are five What’s The Best Camera To Buy In 2017

Nikon D810

This camera is one of the best DSLR cameras on the market today. Despite delivering high-end features, the product is sold at reasonable price limits.

With a full frame image sensor of 36.3 MP (megapixel), the D810 image quality is impressive for mid-level DSLRs. Users can take pictures in JPEG, RAW or TIFF image formats that give some flexibility to this model.

D810 autofocus system is accurate, fast, and the owner can shoot with Burst Mode between 5-7 frames per second. The battery life of D810 is also well above average. Nikon also gives the photographer several adjustment options through many quick buttons. Suitable for a beginner

Canon EOS Rebel T61

Canon Rebel DSLR cameras have been popular for over a decade among those looking for the first interchangeable lens cameras. And Rebel T6i offers some significant improvements to its predecessor, including a better 33% resolution and faster burst mode than the T5i. Canon also buried WiFi on the T6i which has a power of 24.2 MP with an attractive appearance dressing.

Pentax K-S2

Pentax may not be as famous as Canon or Nikon. But this legacy camera maker has plenty of great SLR digital offerings. One of them Pentax K-S2.

Pentax K-S2 can be said as the best DSLR camera for the price level below USD500. Why? One of them offers weatherproof design. The camera with 24.1 MP also feels solid and more value is not always we find on products in the area of ​​low prices in the DSLR market. While the articulated display screen can record at speeds up to 5.4 frames per second. Cool is not it?

Canon EOS 5Ds

For professionals, Canon EOS 5Ds must be included in the shopping list this year. Although somewhat super expensive because it must drop a few thousand US dollars just to get the body only.

Canon EOS 5Ds guarantees users get the best picture quality. Its performance is also believed to attract the attention of advanced photographers.

This device has a memory card slot CF and SD, 50.6 MP, Burst Mode 5 frames per second in RAW image format, and 61 point autofocus system. Things that are very tempting for professional photographers.

Nikon D3300

This digital camera became one of the most basic Nikon DSLR cameras. However, for those who want to become a photographer of this product is highly recommended.

Nikon gives the model a guided mode that can guide the user step by step using a number of camera settings. Armed with a 24 MP resolution APS-C image sensor, the camera produces fantastic image quality.

If you have a small hand, the D3300 is the right choice as it is slightly smaller and lighter than most other DSLR cameras. The price is under USD500 so it is suitable as a handle of the beginner stapler.

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