The life of This Gamer Almost Floated While Playing The Game, But Was Saved Because of Best Gaming Chair For Ps4. Wow Why Can It Happen?


Guys, do you have Best Gaming Chair For Ps4 at home? If you do not have it, it may be time to consider buying it. Because it turns out not only gaming seats to provide comfort when playing games only, but also can save your life. This is experienced by a gamer from the United States, Ben Rose. At that time, Ben Rose was excited-he called Fallout 4 game in his apartment in the Irving area, Texas, United States.

Her loneliness had to stop when her apartment room was destroyed by a sedan. The sedan is driven by a woman. This woman admitted, he wrongly stepped on the pedal when trying to stop his car who wanted to be parked in the apartment. Instead of stepping on the brake pedal he turned on the gas pedal instead. The car then speeding up to break down the walls of Ben Rose’s apartment.


Ben Rose who was focused on the game Fallout did not realize that the sedan car is ready to pick up his ‘life’ at that time. Ben Rose’s room wall was broken, Ben just thought his life would not be saved because the car is going very fast and fast.

But Ben Rose’s mind was wrong, his life was saved thanks to Best Gaming Chair For Ps4 that Ben Rose uses while playing Fallout games. The gaming chair succeeded in muffling the impact of the car when it hit the apartment wall and Ben Rose’s body.

“My life was saved from the impact of the car thanks to the gaming chair that I use. It’s no doubt, “Ben said.


Ben Rose was grateful he could survive the accident would. He did not know what his fate would be if he did not use the Best Gaming Chair For Ps4 at the time of the incident. Ben Rose only had a spine and leg crack. As a result, Ben Rose can not live his activities like playing games because Ben Rose had to restore his condition first.

Ben Rose also gets medical aid money from friends who are doing online fundraising to get Ben Rose’s recovery quicker. While the Police put the car driver woman as a suspect, but he only get a warning only because it is only considered negligent when driving.

Well guys, from the incident Ben Rose we can learn if the disaster could happen anywhere and anytime including when we play games. So, provide gaming chairs at home yes, hehehe.

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