Canon III Sensor Camera With Most Megapixels in the World, 250 Megapixels!

Japan’s leading photography technology company, Canon, has just announced the latest Sensor Camera With Most Megapixels technology made by them.

Sensor coded APS-H CMOS comes with a resolution of 250 megapixels (19,580 x 12,600), and is claimed as the sensor with the Most Camera Megapixels in the world. The Canon APS-H camera sensor is larger than the APS-C, but has a smaller full-frame. This sensor has the ability to read light details very quickly to 1.25 billion pixels per second.

The ability of this sensor is not only good for the purposes of taking static images (photos), but also for high-resolution video. The ability to take this sensor video up to 5 fps and the image results 30 times brighter than the 4K resolution.

Canon states that this technology can also be used for surveillance and crime prevention devices, measurement instruments that require ultra-high-resolution, as well as for industrial needs and various forms of visual expression.

Unfortunately, this sensor is rumored to not be present in Canon DSLR cameras in the near future. Because, mentioned that the sensor technology With the camera With Most Megapixels is still in the development stage.

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