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Good Laptops For Writers – I love writing and liking the world of writing. For me writing is very fun. Almost every day I write. Yes, starting from writing status in social media, writing shopping list, writing vacation plan.

Even somewhat serious writing a draft post on a blog, writing a skeleton of a short story, writing and editing a new book framework. Anyway, all the things in my life, I write. Place of writing can be anywhere, can book, tablet or laptop. So much writing activity. My laptop is almost all day on. And only I can use it because all the data is there. This condition will be more scary, especially if there is a deadline.Laptop can live 24 hours.

But over time my laptop is no longer enough to write, because it is outdated and I need once a good laptop for writing
, so from that I try to ask to the seller what laptop is suitable for writers like me, and this is the answer

Acer Aspire S13


Design and Specifications of Acer Aspire S13

This laptop is designed with an attractive and elegant design. Evidenced by the use of black metal aluminum. But there are also parts made of matte black plastic. The notched design is similar to a leather-bound notebook adorning the lid screen. Meanwhile, the hinges are painted silver dark and smooth and given the extra letter ‘Aspire S’.wah look very stylish laptop seems like this best laptop for writers in my opinion


Photos of the back of Acer Aspire 13The keyboard part is made rather wide with the distance between the keys are quite relieved. Although the design is very interesting and elegant, but we can not lie about the quality. If you feel curious, please refer to more details in decryption about Acer Aspire S13 the following details.

It turned out that the use of matte plastic cover and half black aluminum lower half has created a difference. The existing screen also experiences a gap between large bezels and insecure bezels. The reason is partly managed to open by using nails.

Let’s try to move on to other things in the description of the Acer Aspire S13. This laptop has been equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.1 type-C, HDMI-out, combo microphone / headphone jack, and SDcard reader. Problem affairs display, Acer Aspire is equipped with a matte panel 1080. Matte is the center of a trend that is loved by Acer. This screen is quite sharp with size 13 inches.


Side view thinness Acer Aspire 13 Unfortunately this screen still has weaknesses like color accuracy come in an average error of 4.8 as well as big errors in all colors measured. Most competitors also have an average error of about 2. Speaking of processor performance, the Acer Aspire S13 has a different model. Starting from Core i3 to i7.

Switching to the harddrive, the Acer Aspire S13 comes with a 256 GB Lite-on CV1 Solid State drive, tested with several other brand products. Regarding graphics, this laptop device has been equipped with Intel HD Graphics 520, the most common integrated enterprise graphics solutions. Based on the existing specifications, it seems Acer Aspire S13 is more suitable for use by the author because of its fast processor and also its slim body so it is more comfortable to carry around.

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