Likes To Take Pictures? Look at this Top 5 Best Gopro Like Camera

The Best Gopro Like Camera –  Camera action now is a trend among photography lovers, not exception for those who are very happy to exist with self-portrait. GoPro is one of the best action camera products today. Kamere action that has amazing photography capabilities is indeed equipped with various features and latest and advanced technology today. No wonder so many people are interested in GoPro cameras.

GoPro camera itself has several versions and variants, ranging from GoPro Hero2 to the latest GoPro Hero5. In every version of the Best Gopro Like Camera also has its own variant, it also makes GoPro camera selling well loved by photography lovers.

GoPro camera is very suitable to be a friend adventure, for you who like traveling this one thing is very obliged you have to capture every precious moment you experience with the results that have the best quality. Not only good in terms of photography, GoPro camera you can also rely on to record video with a very clear quality. Some GoPro camera variants are also capable of producing video up to 4K quality. Therefore, GoPro camera is also very suitable berduetkan with a drone.

GoPro camera in addition to having many interesting features of course also have many advantages that we can not get on other action cameras, these advantages make GoPro camera become one of the prima donna among photography lovers. Want to know what are the advantages of GoPro camera? the following are the advantages of the GoPro camera:

It has an interesting look. GoPro camera is designed in such a way to produce a view that is not monotonous when viewed, other than that the design is owned by GopPo camera is also useful for ease in menggunankannya. With a small camera form makes GoPro camera easy to carry everywhere and kept in the pocket.
Photo and Video quality is very good. In addition to its good design GoPro camera can also produce excellent photo and video quality. Photos and videos produced by the GoPro camera are also able to match the quality of a DSLR camera.

Resistant to Water and shocks. GoPro camera was created to be able to survive in all terrain. GoPro cameras can be loyal friends in every adventure, whether it’s mountain climbing or in water (waterproof camera). Because it has components and body of a sturdy material GoPro camera is also very resistant to shocks and make it not easily damaged.

Another advantage is no less great on this camera that is to connect with various devices including Android smartphone. Gopro camera can be controlled directly using the smartphone with the help of applications that connect the camera with the phone via WiFi connection.
If you’re one of those people who love traveling, GoPro cameras are the best choice to capture every precious moment in a high quality photo frame or video. If you intend to purchase a GoPro camera, the following information may be a reference. Here are 5 Best Gopro Like Camera and capable of producing 4K quality video.

1. GoPro Hero3 + Black Edition

GoPro Hero3 + Black Edition is one of GoPro’s best cameras today. The latest version of Hero3 version is indeed equipped with various upgrades from the latest body that changed to be smaller and lighter than previous versions, until the camera resolution is now becoming larger.

The best GoPro camera from this version of Hero3 does have many advantages compared to the other siblings of Hero3 version, one of them is a very high resolution camera that is 12MP, while HERO3 + Silver Edition is only equipped with 10MP camera, and Gopro HERO3 White Edition is still below only 5MP.

Not only good in the affairs of photography, this action camera is also capable of producing video with a very clear quality. Even the resulting video is able to penetrate the quality of 4K. Recording video with 4K quality definitely requires great storage, but still quiet because GoPro camera has been equipped with a microSD slot that can accommodate up to 64GB. Also attempted to use Class 10 microSD for maximum results.

The best Gopro camera also features ultra wide angel, low-light image sensor, and an external memory slot. Other separate accessories are mono microphone, 3.5 mm Stereo Mic adapter, and Composite A / V adapter. Gopro 3+ cameras can also be used with a software called GoPro Studio to make it easy for users to create content from quality Gopro videos like professionals.

In addition to having Wi-Fi Built-in feature, GoPro HERO3 + Silver Edition camera also has some features that are not available in other Hero3 versions, including SuperView, Auto Low Light, Protune mode, Simultaneous Photo + Video, White Balance and many more.

2. GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition

The next best GoPro camera is Hero4 Silver Edition. As well as Goo Hero3 + Black Edition camera is also equipped with 12MP resolution lens and capable of producing 4K quality video. Interestingly again GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition equipped with a touch screen that can be used to perform various settings on the camera to get the best results.

The screen on the back can also be used to view the images and play videos that have been recorded with some touch. That way, users do not have to bother moving the microSD to a computer or smartphone just to see the results of pictures and videos that have been recorded.

To facilitate users in this action camera mengeprol, GoPro also has been equipped with WiFi and Bloetooth connectivity. That way you can connect GoPro Silver Edition camera with Smart Remote or your favorite mobile through GoPro App application.

Smart Remote itself is an enhancement that use to control the camera GoPro remotely, be it for photographing or other purposes. Maximum distance to use the Smart Remote with the camera is also quite far up to 180 meters. Unfortunately this device is sold separately, so to have it you must be willing to incur additional costs.

3. GoPro Hero4 Black Edition

Still from the Hero4 version, this time the Black Edition variant. From previous versions of GoPro cameras Black Edition variants have always been favored compared to Silver Edition. It is true, GoPro Hero4 Black Edition also has advantages that are not owned by Hero4 Silver Edition.

Both use a 12MP camera, but GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is capable of recording 4K quality video at 30 frames per second (fps), while Hero4 Silver Edition is only capable of carrying 15fps at the same resolution. Interestingly again for 1080p and 720p resolutions, the frame rate can be further increased to 120 and 240 fps so that when recording vodeo slow motion can be even better.

Unfortunately, although it is more favored in the affairs of video recording but GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is not equipped with a touch screen. But it is also useful to make the camera battery does not run out quickly because it is used to turn on the screen.

For a professional GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is indeed the right choice. Because this camera is able to support the various needs of a professional photographer.

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4. GoPro Hero5 Session

GoPro has just released their latest action camera for the GoPro Hero5 family. GoPro Hero5 Session is one of its parts. GoPro Hero5 session comes with a more simple look with a smaller size. For viewing, GoPro Hero5 Session is almost the same as GoPro Hero Session that has first swing into the market.

Due to its small size and shape, GoPro Hero5 Session is not equipped with a touch screen. But the features it has quite a variety and many of the latest upgrades from GoPro such as Voice Control and Video Stabilization feature that distinguishes it with previous versions of GoPro cameras.

For those of you who want to have the latest GoPro camera but with a cheaper price, Hero5 Session can be the right choice of article the price of this camera is also fairly cheap, only 4 millions.

5. GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black Edition is a flag ship camera product from GoPro. The best camera from GoPro comes with a more elegant and modern look. As for the resolution of the camera, still the same as GoPro Hero4 Black Edition is using 12MP lens and can record video with 4K resolution at 30 frames per second (fps).

The latest feature that can be felt on GoPro Hero5 Black Edition is Voice Control that allows users to give voice commands on this action camera. With so taking photos will be easier by just issuing voice commands.

In addition to these features, GoPro Hero5 Black Edition camera also still has other latest features, such as Video Stabilization to provide a more smooth recording results even in vibrating or in shock. Touch Display, Auto-Upload To Cloud, Location Capture and RAW + WDR Photos also become another new feature of GoPro Hero5 Black Edition that you must try.

For the information we share about Best Gopro camera 2017, hopefully this information can be useful for readers.



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